Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The things a pregnant woman thinks about in the shower

How's that for a title?  Well, I was standing in the shower today, hoping the water would wash my headache away, when I started to think of a song.  I was trying to think of Christmas ideas for various family members, but sometimes songs just come to you.

Standing in the Shower {to the tune of Row, Row, Row your Boat}

Standing in the Shower,
Wasting lots of time!
Pondering, Conjuring, Wandering, Laundering -
Those are words that rhyme!

Then I thought to myself, "You've been standing here for twenty minutes, and all you've come up with is a verse of a song that makes no sense?  It's not even your own melody, and you couldn't come up with a cohesive verse?"

Then I thought to myself, "You're pregnant and you thought of four three-syllable words that rhyme?  Good job!"

I got out of the shower with head held high, knowing that I had done something remarkable.

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