Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Straight pin tutorial

Sometimes I can get a little carried away in my "I could make that" world.  This tutorial is a case in point {pun intended}.  If you have a sewing machine, and even if you don't, chances are you have straight pins.  They are tools, like a needle and thread. 

But why not make them pretty?  I saw these personalized straight pins and thought it would be a great naptime project.  Things like this appeal to me.  I think they would make a great gift for someone who enjoys sewing, and they're easy to make.  You can match your straight pins to your sewing area decor!  Isn't that exciting?  ...what?  You don't think it's thrilling to match your straight pins to a room?  Oh.  Well,'s how you do it.  Just in case you change your mind.

You'll need:
GOOP or E-6000 glue
Extra long straight pins
Beads {glass or ceramic}
Glass seed beads, in case your bead hole are a little too large.


I found these beads at Hancocks and loved that they were all a little different.

I couldn't get a good picture of the glue on the pin, but imagine with me.  Thread on the seed bead, if needed, and then put a little glue on the pin where your decorative bead will be.  Slip on your bead and set it aside to dry.  You could stick the pins into something like a pin cushion or styrofoam, but you need to keep the beads pushed against the head of the pin until the glue cures. 

I dropped mine in a crevice in my sewing table and let gravity work for me.

This is what I ended up with.

Aren't they pretty?  Now, don't you think you should have pretty straight pins, too?

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