Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Day in the Life of Ella

Here are just a few incidents so far today that give you insight into life with my four-year-old.

I was changing Jack's diaper, so Ella came in to change Dorrie's diaper {that's her doll} at the same time.  She was still at it when I was done, so Jack crawled over and started poking Dorrie viciously in the eyes.  Ella turned loving eyes on Jack and said, "Jack, you are being so helpful by getting the eyelash out of Dorrie's eye.  Thank you!"  Bravo, Ella!  Way to take the best-case interpretation {which is a nod to you, Poppy}.

After breakfast, we went to the post office.  While we were standing in line, she took a priority mail sticker, stuck it on her shirt, and said really loudly, "Don't mail me, Mama!" 

Then we came home and had an uneventful room time and lunch.  After lunch, I was peeling overripe bananas to put in the freezer.  I asked Ella to help me by holding sandwich bags open.  She said, "Mama, you couldn't do this without Ella hands, and I'm the only one who has them."

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