Friday, May 13, 2011

The buffet - part 2

Remember when I posted here about our dining room buffet?  Well, we've had a change in plans.

If you'll recall, I was a little concerned that the new dresser stuck out into the room a bit far, making the fit tighter than I would like.  I have a pet peeve about putting so much furniture into a room that you feel claustrophobic.  It doesn't look tight in these pictures, but we have two extra leaves that add over two feet to the length of the table, and it is a little squeezy then.  And we usually have to add the leaves when we have company. mom.  She had a brilliant solution to this question mark in my mind.  You see, we have another dresser that I painted blue and put in the living room.  I. love. it {though it looks brighter in this picture than in real life}.

She noticed that the dining room dresser is several inches deeper, even at it's narrowest, than the blue dresser.  She knew because she measured with her arm.  Now you know where I get my lack of precision.  It's genetic.  It's also why I need Handsome Hero's robotic brain.

So here is where we currently stand.

The blue dresser is in the dining room.

As you can see, it doesn't intrude on the room.  On a side note, please notice the lovely flowers Handsome Hero brought me as an "Easter basket."  Yes, ladies, my husband gives me an Easter basket each year.  Try not to be jealous.

The new dresser is in the blue one's place in the living room.  I realize it is incredibly boring with its blendiness, especially after the brightness of the blue one.  If I were going for a neutral look, I would try to work with this - maybe put a brown or gray glaze on it.  I love bold color, though.  The couch directly beside the dresser is also beige, so I really liked having a colorful, playful dresser.

So, here's the plan. 

1.  Paint this "living room" dresser the same blue as the other one.  I usually like to change things up, but I love the blue color so much that I want to use it agan.  I might do something different on the drawer fronts, though. 

2.  Paint the "dining room" dresser-turned-buffet.  The blue is way too bright for the room.  I already have blue curtains and seat cushions, and they clash in a major way. 

Also, you can see the dresser from the kitchen, and it isn't pretty against the kitchen wall. 

Looking at the last two pictures, especially the last one, it doesn't look bad, but in real life, the dresser/buffet is glaringly bright.  Now that I look at it, maybe I'll try a gray glaze to tone it down.  If that doesn't work, I can always just repaint.

It probably seems like a lot, but I'm actually really excited to do it.  I love doing projects like these.  They don't take too much time or money, but the end product makes such a big difference in a room!

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