Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Enjoying the Spring

We haven't had many days of Spring.  Those we've had have been pretty windy, but we dutifully wear shorts, short sleeved shirts, and sunglasses in an attempt to usher in the reluctant warmth {do you realize that in just about a month, I'll be complaining about the heat and bugs?  We did not move here for the weather}.

The only reason I am able to be patient for Spring is that Jack isn't walking yet.  He is too heavy to hold for long, but hates being on the ground, so it isn't fun yet to spend long periods of time outdoors without Handsome Hero or another adult here to help.

So when Handsome Hero came home early, we took it outside.  Ella's Uncle David made her this scooter just yesterday {well, she was just a little older than Jack, but wasn't that just yesterday?}.  Notice her name on it?  How cute.  It is quite possibly my favorite toy that she has ever had.

Jack now fits the scooter, if he could just figure out what to do on it.

He rocked back and forth for a bit, mostly back.

And he drank from Ella's sippie cup.

While Ella was on a mission to figure out her new scooter.

Big kids have these, you see.

Still drinking.

Hmm.  Where's the engine on this thing?

Go, Jack, go!

Just a little push from those tree trunks you call legs.

I'd rather walk behind it, Dad.

While Ella worked on mastering a new skill,

Jack tried his hardest not to.

But he sure looked cute not doing it!

And just as we decided to call it a day, the clouds moved in.  These next pictures were taken in less than ten minutes.

And then the Heavens opened.  At least we got to enjoy it for a bit.

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