Thursday, February 9, 2012

Why I still need my mom

Last week:

Me:  Ella has a fever and a cough, and this yucky gunky eye!
Mom:  Could it be pink eye?
Me:  No, I'm sure it's not because it isn't itchy.
Mom:  You should call the doctor just in case.

She has pink eye.  So does my mom.  We think Ella telepathed it to her in Tennessee.


Me:  {pitifully} I've been sick for TWO WEEKS!  I'm not sleeping well, and I've had a headache for five days!
Mom:  You should call the doctor and see if there's anything they recommend that you're not doing.
Me:  All they're going to do is offer to prescribe me Tylenol with codeine, which I can't take because I can't take care of the kids when I'm on that stuff.
Mom:  Call anyway.  You never know.

I am now on an antibiotic and starting to feel better.

How does she know from so far away?  And more importantly, is this genetic?  Will I be able to do that someday?

Thanks, Mom.

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  1. What a blessing to have such a great relationship with your mom! And, yes, you will. Because not only is she seeing your situation from an outside 3rd party perspective and thus able to suggest these wonderful solutions, but she's been there done that and undoubtedly loves to be able to offer support and love for you and your kiddos. You are a great momma, and it sounds like you have a wonderful example. You will be a great mom and grandma when, Lord willing, you get to that stage in your motherhood as well :)

    Rest up, dear friend, and continue doing the wonderful job that you are doing at taking care of and growing your babies. You are precious!