Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How's it hangin'?

Hanging pictures in a space is second only to painting in making a space feel like your own.  Having your art or photos or decorations on the wall makes you feel like you own the space, that it reflects you.  But how you choose to do that can look awesome and purposeful or dreadful, like you threw the pictures at the wall and they splattered there haphazardly. 

I love having pictures of my family around, but try to edit so that each picture gets the attention it deserves.  I don't like a bunch of frames sitting on surfaces, because I hate clutter and I hate to dust them, so having a photo gallery like the ones below would be a perfect fit for me.  Most of our pictures are in huge frames and I can change them out as desired, not that I've done that since we moved in, but I could, you know.  I love looking at the treasures other people hang in their homes, and find it especially pleasing if they are hung in a way that invites a person to look.

When you group pictures together, it helps to have something tying them together, like having all the same color frame, or all black and white prints.

But that isn't necessary.  This grouping looks purposeful because everything looks like it has a story.  It makes you want to see what treasures are on this wall.

Symmetry is also helpful.  I would hate to be the person who had to hang these!  What a chore!

I love this idea.  I don't know if it's paint or vinyl, but what a great way to display your family photos!

I love this collage of frames.

They started from this one frame, and the home owner decided to use it as the inspriration for her space.  She matched all the colors at the hardware store and painted her frames.

Check out how large this collection actually is!

It just keeps going!  But it doesn't feel cluttered or overdone.  It seems casual and elegant.  I love it.

I don't currently have any photo gallery walls in my house.  The hallway upstairs is a bit too narrow for stopping, and the stairway going up is a little dark.  I think I will create one in the piano room over the piano at some time in the future.  I always look at that space in confusion, wondering how to fill it.  I have lots of ideas, but no clear preference, and so I wait for inspiration to strike.  A photo gallery might just be it.

That frame and wreath above didn't work, so right now there's nothing in this space but big beigy beigeness.

Here's another area where I might add a photo gallery.  The map is huge, and fit the wall perfectly at first, but then we added this buffet underneath. 

As a rule of thumb, your artwork should be narrower by a few inches than your furniture.  Otherwise it looks topheavy, like this does.  Not very pleasing to the eye.

Now that we have a desk in the office {that is significantly bigger than the map}, this map will most likely live in there.  Handsome Hero loves maps.  Once that happens, this will be the perfect space for a photo gallery wall.  We have lots of frames that are sitting in a closet awaiting a home, and they are calling to me.  Beth!  Use me!  I won't be real until I'm used!

Maybe I'll make it a goal to get that done this month.  Maybe I won't.  Hey, I'm pregnant.  I'm allowed to be wishy-washy.

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  1. My friends, the Ashworth's had a photo wall that went up their staircase. I always loved it!