Wednesday, February 8, 2012


So, I'm on week twenty, halfway through this pregnancy.  I can't believe how different each pregnancy is.  This one seems to be flying by, bringing us closer to meeting little baby boy Lewis.  I'm very excited to meet him!  We were able to see in his ultrasounds that he is active, more so than the others, and true to form, he's already kicking out where I can feel him.

It's funny how differently we look forward to meeting this child.  With Ella, our first, I had all sorts of questions.  Will she obey me?  Will she like to sleep?  Will she be smart?  Will she like music?  Will she be a rebellious teenager {I kind of borrow trouble sometimes}?

In the tummy:  Ella

With Jack, it went from questions to concerns. What if he and Ella don't get along? What if he's a mean child? What if he screams all the time? What happens when he decides to rebel and steals our car and wrecks it trying not to hit a puppy, and then goes out for cheeseburgers with his friends and doesn't come home until three AM and we're worried sick?

In the tummy: Jack

With this one, I think we are finally anticipating the wonders of this child, but without the fears.  He may be easy peasy, or he may be a horrible baby, but then he'll outgrow it.  He will have some rough patches, but we'll iron them out.  He's entering into a family of four distinct personalities who love each other fully, and I have no doubt he'll make a stunning addition.  It's exciting to think of rounding out this family unit.

In the tummy:  Baby Boy Lewis

So, halfway through, we're relaxed and excited.


  1. You make a beautiful, beautiful, pregnant momma. Keep up the great work there pretty momma ;)

  2. Beautiful as ever!