Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has never been a big deal in our house.  We don't do a lot for it, but now that the kids are old enough to enjoy the idea, I thought it was time to have them get all mushy for daddy.

We decided to make some valentines for Handsome Hero and take them to him at work yesterday.

Ella said this is how she smiles now.

She likes ribbons, stickers, and buttons. The more, the better.

I was proud of her for writing the message herself.  I think we might need to work on penmanship, though. 

Jack made his valentine sparse.  He's a minimalist.

He thinks I wrote "Ella" on his card.  That's what he wanted me to say, but I didn't think that was exactly the sentiment we were looking for. :)

So we hopped in the car, picked up an Americano and a cranberry/orange scone {his favorite}, and surprised him at work with his valentines.  He loved it!

When Handsome Hero came home, we were the ones who got surprised.  He had gotten valentine gifts for each of us!  This might be the time to state that Handsome Hero doesn't do Valentine's Day.  He never has, so this was a big deal.  I have given myself the challenge of always doing something creative for him {though we are still sick, so I settled for a store-bought gift this year}.  Occasionally, he does bring me flowers on the obligatory day, but it's always a wonderful surprise and certainly not an expected rite. 

Now, before you haters start getting all riled up, you should know a couple of things.  First, I am not one of those people who thinks the world revolves around Valentine's Day.  I just find it fun to give him something I made.  Second, he makes up for it in an awesome way; he always makes me an Easter basket.  Yep!  I wake up each Easter morning to a basket of goodness.  And I don't mean the kind wrapped in cellophane and filled with marshmallow peeps, which are disgusting, but a basket worthy of some applause.  Sometimes it contains an awesome pair of shoes, or a whole skin care regimen, or a couple of unusual vases that he thought I would love.  Feel better?  Don't worry - my man gots game {how weird does it sound for me to say that?}!

Back to our story.  Handsome Hero brought presents home for each of us.  He gave some Valentine pretzels to the kids, and a Red Velvet chocolate bar and a French Press to me.

Oh, and for you astute observers, yes, there are TWO French Presses in the picture.  You see, I got one for him for Valentine's Day, too!  It was pretty funny opening our gifts.  Great minds and all that.

As you can see, we aren't exactly traditional when it comes to Valentine's Day {though I did get chocolate}.  It was lots of fun, though, for us and for the kids.  Who knows what traditions will be established in the years to come?

Every comment I get is going to be about peeps, right?

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