Monday, February 13, 2012

Ooohh, I get to do another kid room!

I love kid rooms.  I almost always enjoy them more than adult rooms.  Maybe it's because you can be as bold in a kid's room as you would never dare to be in the rest of your domain.  I had so much fun creating both of our kids' room in Washington!  Here are a few pictures of those rooms.

I can't believe I never actually took pictures of this room for posterity, but I rarely did things like that before I started the blog.  I'll show you the room from various pictures I found.  The walls were already blue when we moved in, so we went with it and had a dear friend paint a cherry tree coming up in the corner over the crib.

 Sorry for the freaky picture.  This is Handsome Hero showing off his fifty pound weight loss by trying on his old pants, and I said, "Hey, put Ella in there.  I bet she'd fit!"  She's proud.  She's trying to do that fist thing all the cool kids do.  Anyway, if you can look past it, I made some curtains, and another artist friend painted little bugs and flowers all over the "sky" in the room.  She also painted cherries on all of the changing table doors. 

Yet another friend upholsered the cherry fabric on the glider.  We also made rolling hills and snow-covered peaks on the walls.  This room was made with love by lots of friends.

When Jack was coming, we changed out a couple of things, like having our artist friend add a tire swing onto the cherry tree and a plane on the "sky" of the wall {again, I can't believe I have no pictures of this}, but the nursery was basically gender neutral, so it was perfect for Jack, and I got to create a big-girl room for Ella.

This room was so fun to do.  We put in dark laminate floors and painted the walls and ceiling the lightest yellow we could find {thanks to a tip from a friend that yellow always comes out darker than you think it will}.  I wouldn't have chosen to paint the ceiling, but the previous owners had painted all of the ceilings {this one was brown}, so it was easier to just paint it yellow than to get white paint and tape it all, etc.  I was impatient.  Still, the room was soft and sweet.

 I took a hutch that had been in the room and made it more feminine by upholstering some pegboard with this fabric and skootching it into the back of these shelves.  It's not attached, so when it needs to be used for something else, it easily can be.

This was my favorite part of the room.  I got this branch from behind our church, and though you can't tell, it was almost the length of the bed.  I found the lifelike birds and butterflies at a hobby store.  Unfortunately, we couldn't exactly pack it to bring with us, so I gave it to a friend, thinking I'd just replace it when we got here.  I mean, for the impact it makes, it only took about fifteen minutes to do.

Those rooms were my favorite rooms in that house.  Here, I can't exactly say that.  I think the combination of having the whole house to put in order plus having Jack be so sick when we moved meant things got sacrificed.  Now, though, I am able to focus on making their spaces into oasises oasi rooms where they feel special.**

I'm excited to share with you some of the ideas I have for their "new" rooms.  We're gonna get creative all up in here!

**disclaimer - a kid does not need a cute room to feel special.  I just wanted you to know that I know that.

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