Monday, September 12, 2011

Small Changes

The buffet needed some styling.  I'm not good at this.  I don't like clutter {it's more to dust}, but then my rooms look unfinished, so I'm trying to figure out a happy medium.

This picture shows one of many attempts.  The basket on top is from Value Village, a Goodwill type of store in Washington.

 It is a pretty shape, but a little worse for wear, so I painted it.

A little bright, perhaps?  I like it.  It ties in with other colors in the room surprisingly well.  But even if it didn't, I could either change the color or put it in a different room.  Trial and error, my friends {just like the buffet - I still don't know it's future}!

You know something funny?  I filled the basket with cloth napkins, thinking that if they were visible, I'd be more likely to use them.

But with the napkins on top of the buffet, there is absolutely nothing inside it.  It's nice to know you have room to grow {storage-wise}.

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