Friday, September 30, 2011

The Jackster walks alone

I thought I would usher in the weekend with some cute Jackster pictures.  Enjoy!

Jack found the perfect seat in the window sill by these mums and I thought it was a great Fall picture.  At times like these, though, I think, "How did my parents do it without digital cameras?"

HeyWhazzup?  Can't a guy sit on his stoop for awhile?

You want me to smile?  I don't know if that's cool.

 Mom, I'm by flowers!  I'm a boy!  Boys aren't suppoed to like flowers!

Is there somewhere else I can go?

 Oh, fine.  CHEESE!  Happy now?

Yes.  Yes, I am.

In the house to change into shoes and then off to the park!

I finally have videotape of Jack walking on his own, which he has been doing now for about two weeks. I'm so thankful that he has finally figured out how to conquer this feat, or feet, as it were. He is now one independent little kid!

Jack the Conqueror!

Checking out the fountain.  This is one cute kid, in my proudly biased opinion. 

Best butts buds.

The End



  1. awww....i love that last picture. so cute! it seems so weird to see him walking. i know it will be so weird when evaleigh starts walking too. considering she's my last baby to walk...i think it's okay if she waits a little while yet. :)

  2. Agree with Amanda, I LOVE that last picture. Seriously, like I'd frame it :)