Friday, September 9, 2011

A little funk, a little quirk

I am always drawn to decorating projects I think are a bit funny or unusual.  In my opinion, every room should have something humorous in it.  If rooms are too formal, people are uncomfortable.  I don't think funny has to be overt, though.  You don't need a six-foot tall plastic chicken sitting in your living room - just something a little unconventional or unusual to lighten the atmosphere.

Here are a few quirky pieces, some more subtle than others, that currently live in my living room.

Unconventional:  I made a book sling instead of a bookshelf for some of the kiddos' books.  I think I'll eventually add another one underneath it. 

Silly:  The desk is from Goodwill, and I wasn't sure if it had lead paint {and Jack was only seven months old}, so I added socks to the legs.  It, um, keeps them warm in the winter.

Unique:  The blue pillow was made out of an old sweater that had a moth hole in the arm.  The other one, the giraffe print, I just made. 

Whimsical: The flowers in the vase {which was made by my friend, April} are yarn pom poms. 
Kooky:  The coasters are made with owl-printed scrapbook paper.

Eye-brow raising, and slightly disturbing:  The quirkiest thing in the room is the statue that has a second face coming out of it's abdomen.  In order to get one, you'd have to know a troubled teenager who could make it for you.  Thanks, sis.

Do you have anything zany or unusual in your home?

Have a great weekend!

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