Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The walking man walks

A little James Taylor there. 

I so appreciated your encouragement after this post from last week about Jack's walking. So let me update you.

Jack decided he didn't like being left behind,

gazing longingly at the fun to be had when you can walk.

He decided to take action!  He put his game face on.

Over the weekend, Jack started walking consistently while holding hands.  We got him some shoes with arch support, as suggested by the evaluator, and he started walking immediately.  I think he thinks they're magic.  He's ready to join the big kids now, starting with riding a scooter.

Here he is walking with Handsome Hero and Ella on Sunday.  Handsome Hero is sporting his usual Sunday Afternoon attire, complete with houseshoes and dress socks, which go perfectly with his basketball shorts and T shirt.  What did I do to deserve such a stud?


We did get Jack's steps on video, but for some reason, the sound isn't working.  Just pretend it's an old timey movie.  And if you're wondering about his nametag, Ella wanted him to have a sticker.  She is very generous.  As you'll see, she's also his bodyguard, protecting him from the paparazzi.

Way to go, Jack!


  1. So, your next post should be about how Ella hasn't heard back about her application to NASA and then next week you can update us on all the developments!

    Seriously, so glad for you. Life post crawling is soooooo much nicer! Woohoo Jack! Way to go!

  2. Haha! The word scramble I got to post my last comment was" berdlyd" ! I think I will go pluck those two chin hairs now.