Monday, August 22, 2011

Bay Beach

After a week off, I'm excited to be back and share some of the highlights of the week!

If you live in my area, chances are you have been to Bay Beach.  Well, we had heard of it, but had not yet been until my sister visited last week.  Oi, have we been missing out!  It was so much fun!  Bay Beach is an amusement park through the local Parks and Recreation, that is located on the Bay {duh, right?}.  It's really small, just the right size for our kids.  The best part?  Only twenty-five cents a ride, so, even though there were five of us, and even though we rode as much as we wanted without a break {except to eat}, we only spent fourteen dollars on this little adventure!

Regarding the picture below, I will not point out that Handsome Hero stays inside for his job and usually exercises at the gym and yet still has a tan, and I, who take the kids to the park and am outside much more often, well, I do not.  Not a word about it.  I promise.  What would be the point?

The first thing we did was take a little train ride and check out the park.  This is the original resort.

It was beautiful.  Here we are, waiting in line at the train depot.

Ella and Aunt Becca rode together on the train.

Jack checked out the scenery from under Handsome Hero's armpit.  Or maybe he's just smelling the manly deodorant smell and longing for the time when he, too, can smell like Red Zone.

Then it was on to the real stuff - the RIDES!!  Ella didn't quite get that you are supposed to steer these little puppies, but she had fun anyway.  Maybe she was pretending her hair was blowing in the breeze even though these were going .25 miles an hour.

She took good care of her brother on his first ride {we only put him on rides with seatbelts}.

He got the hang of it pretty soon.  Look at me, guys!

Now he's excited! 

Maybe next time he'll get to pick the color of the cars.

This next one was Ella's first ride alone in something potentially scary - planes that flew kind of high.  We didn't know how she would do, but she really liked it!  She wouldn't shoot the gun, our little liberal, but she seemed to enjoy herself just the same.

Then the ferris wheel caught our eye. 

Please do not gasp in horror that we took our baby on the ferris wheel.  Jack loved it! 

Looking down at the world below.

He kept this smile on his face the whole time {don't mind my armpit.  What is it with our pits in these pictures?}!

Aunt Becca and Ella rode together.

We kept trying to get a good picture.

Hey, quit looking at the pretty scenery!  Look at the CAMERA!!  It's much more important!  Preserve the memory - don't worry about enjoying it now!

I loved the ferris wheel, too.

From the top, we saw these helicopters that adults could ride in with the kids, and Ella got really excited!  Rebecca and I each took a kid, and Handsome Hero took pictures as we went.  Apparently, I have one amusement park facial expression.

How embarrassing.  It's a wonder I didn't inhale a bug.  I have got to work on that.

Rebecca rode with Jack, and was much more creative in her expressions.  Her expressions say things like:

I'm sweet and love my nephew.

 I am smiling with my teeth clenched and pulling on my nephew's ears in a misguided attempt to make him smile at the camera.

I am frightening and could easily jump off of this helicopter and take you down.  Just dare me.

 I am wary of you.  Why are you taking my picture?  Who is this child?

Very impressive, sis!

Then we went on the Carousel.  The first time, I stayed off to take pictures.

Then Ella and I took a spin.  I decided to sit on an animal that bespoke danger and daring, charisma and moxie.  Oh, yes, I'm an adventurer.

It really was a great time and I think we'll try to do it again before the park closes for the season at the end of September.  I'm hooked.

And I want to ride my pink steed again.

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