Thursday, August 11, 2011

A poem of despair

A nauseating poem for you to understand the level of despair to which we fall when without our Handsome Hero.

When Handsome Hero is gone
And I must go it alone,
The kids and I
Just sit and cry
And we do not leave home.

We miss him terribly,
And wish that he could see
How we moan all day
And cannot play
With anyone other than he.

The music in my heart
Is no longer sweet, but tart, {okay, I couldn't think of anything else}
And so my frown
Is world reknown
When we're so far apart.

I ache inside and mourn.
For you my heart is torn!
The kids just wail
And everything's stale
When I am so forlorn.

I can't fool you, my dear.
We're truly full of cheer.
But hurry back,
For you I lack
When you cannot be here!

We miss you, Babe!  I'm reduced to writing terrible poetry without you.  Everything is better when you're here.  Hurry home! 

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