Friday, January 31, 2014

The Snowstorms of 2014!

We live on a pretty big hill.  It's nice because it gives us a great view, but in weather like we have had this week, I don't like to go out because I'm not sure if I'll be able to make it back up.  The snow plows aren't exactly in abundance here in Tennessee, so the ones we do have are in demand on main roads.  We stayed in Tuesday and Wednesday, and I'm so glad we did.  Tuesday morning I watched a van trying very hard to make it up our hill, only to get as far as our house before sliding slowly back down to the bottom.  It was incredibly mesmerizing to watch.  I almost made popcorn and drew up a chair as car after car attempted the great hill.  The kids and I would cheer them on, which I'm sure helped a lot.

The kids loved playing in our snow that was not deep enough to cover the grass.

Either we didn't get much, or we really need to mow.

Having a sunroom is great.  All of these pictures are taken through the window as I sat cozily tucked in with a cup of coffee.

Apparently the play set is fun even with snow all over it.

It was a little piece of Heaven for them.  They sucked down their breakfast as fast as possible in order to get out into the snow. 

 I think they spent around three hours out in the snow over the two days.

It was really cute watching them play together.  I don't think they argued once.

Snow, the great unifier.

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