Monday, January 20, 2014

A simple bouquet of flowers

This week, Ella went outside to play after a storm.  There were lots of branches scattered around.  She came in after awhile, disappeared for a bit, and then came running into the kitchen, very excited to show me her new creation.

"Mom, I made something for you!"

That phrase.

It scares me.

Is it going to be a barn made out of construction paper and two roles of tape?  Where am I going to keep another one of those?

Did she try to sew through cardboard again?  There were a lot of Barbie bandaids used in that incident.

Is she cutting up fabric and making more bookmarks?  I don't have any more books to put them all in.

Did she make another paper toilet?  Not toilet paper.  An actual paper toilet.  She made one for Handsome Hero and one for me as a welcome home gift after we had a night away a couple of weeks ago.


But it wasn't any of those things.  It was this.

A bouquet of blue flowers on some of those sticks from the yard.

Yes, construction paper.  Yes, lots of tape.

But perfect.  Absolutely perfect.

I think the entry was just calling for a little, uh, nature.  Don't you?

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