Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A fairy tale to rival all others

Okay.  If yesterday's post about the gold mirror in the entry was subtle, this is ninja subtle.  Most people have no idea of the change I am about to share with you.  Those who notice share a special place in my heart.  In my fairy tale, they are the heros.
Once upon a time, there was a wall.  It felt that it was an important wall because it stood on the right of the front door for all who entered to admire.  Only it felt there was nothing admirable about it.  The wall felt a sense of duty to observe all who entered the house and search out whether there was wisdom to be found in them.  But, after all, it was just a wall.  It could not talk, because that would be silly.

It decided to try an experiment.  What it needed was a test.  A test of acute observation.  So this is what that little wall did. 

First it was covered with a beautiful muted creamy-gray color called Wind Fresh.  Then, borrowing a stencil from a certain kitchen-turned-sunroom table, it mixed the same gold craft paint used on the mirror and added it, a couple of drops at a time, to a small puddle of the wall color until there was a subtle difference. 

After randomly stenciling flowers all over itself, the wall saw that there was no fruit for its labor.  No one, not even the wisest person in the world, would be able to see the difference.

So more gold was added and the stenciling began again.  The wall was very pleased.  Only the most observant and wise visitors would notice this.  It was a wonderful test. 

Not even a camera could capture the stencil unless it was just inches away, though it was more obvious to the eyes of men.  Apparently the camera was not very wise.

And the wall was content, feeling that it had done its part for the good of the home.

And it lived happily ever after.

The End

Note from the author:  The stencil was actually applied by me.  This is a fictional story and we do not discriminate against those who have not observed the stencil.  If we did, my dad would not be allowed in our home.  

Below is a picture of the wall with the completed stencil.  The only one I can readily see is peeking out from the top right corner of the dresser.  Other than that, if you see any dirty spots, those are probably stencils.  Because my walls would never be dirty.


As to how you can incorporate this in your home, stenciling something simple like this is SO EASY!  You can make a measured grid and be very precise and it would be beautiful, too, but this is just a random placement of flowers and probably took two hours at the outside to accomplish.  You can make this as bold or simple as you want.  Stencils like these are really cheap at any craft store, but if you are thinking of doing a whole room, I would recommend investing in a higher quality stencil because these aren't meant for such large projects, though they might work just fine. 

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