Thursday, January 31, 2013

Over the river and through the woods,to hospital we go!

As you read this, Nate and I are probably sitting in our hospital room, living the high life.  We tried to avoid taking this route, and our doctor was in total agreement, but, unfortunately, there is just no outpatient service available here to give any kind of support or aid for our type of situation..  When we went through this in Wisconsin with Jack, there were home health groups that came to us to check on the feeding tube and his progress in general.  Here we can't even get one of those tiny tubes that you slip in their mouths while you're nursing in order to sneakily increase their calorie intake.  All of that is done on an inpatient basis. 

So we are packing up and heading on over.  It seems kind of silly to us to do this at this point - he doesn't seem quite sick enough for this level of care.  I mean, he's so smiley!  But he is not progressing at home and this is the only way that we can move forward in his treatment, since nothing is offered outside of a hospital stay, and do we really want to wait for him to be in a dire situation before we take care of this?

Of course not.  So here we are.  Please keep us in your prayers as we go through this.  Again.  I am going to be in the hospital with Nate, of course, and my mom is staying with the other two.  Handsome Hero is split among work, the hospital, and home {just so you know, I asked him to keep going to work since there is nothing he could do in the hospital and Nate isn't in any sort of critical situation}.  We're in good spirits overall, but the strain is there and rears its ugly head at times in my reactions {or, overreactions} to the older wonderkids and their 3 and 5-year-oldness.  I have had to apologize many times for my tone of voice {sometimes harsh, sometimes even yelling}.  I am very blessed by their incredible ability to forgive and totally forget, and then still want to spend time with me.  It is something I really need to learn.

I'll update here as new information comes in.

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  1. Love you friend. We have all been praying everyday for you and Nate and the family. Thank you for the update. Will call when you are settled in.