Thursday, July 26, 2012

Earring Holder

Remember this forehead-slapping post when I learned that I could wear any earrings by simply exchanging the cheap hooks for sterling silver ones?  Well, once that tragic woe was remedied, I started to think anew about my jewelry system. 

Last year I showed you how I made some hangers for my necklaces so that I could see them, and therefore, wear them.  Well, it worked.  I'm not sure of the longevity of my system {I think I can do better}, but I know I love being able to see at a glance what I have.  However, I was still throwing my earrings into a jewelry box I'd had since middle school and then searching for a matching set when I wanted them.  Surely I could do better than that! 

This is what I came up with. 

Earring Holder Tutorial

Picture frame {mine was 8x10}
Spray paint {optional}
Glue gun
Plastic canvas

I found this frame at Goodwill.  I looked through all the frames until I found one in the 1/2 off price tag color that was the right size. 

Spray paint your frame in several light coats.  For some reason I can't figure, my paint did a weird crackly, wrinkly thing on the frame.  I've never had that happen before, but since it was going into my closet, I didn't care.

Remove and discard the contents of the frame {I did this after painting}, unless you want a not-so-very-good representation of a Norman Rockwell-esque picture for your bathroom wall where the girl is saying, "I have found a tub, but I'm tired, so I will sit and stare at it," and the boy is saying, "I have found the top your your head, but I'm tired, so I will sit an stare at it" and the dog is contemplating the clear soap-made orbs above him, wondering if they hold the meaning of life.  If you like that kind of thing, keep the insides.

I had this plastic canvas on hand for a sewing project for Ella.  Plastic canvas is really cheap, and Ella loves sewing on it with yarn.  It comes in different sizes and is found in the embroidery and cross stitch section of your local craft store.  Just cut a piece to fit your frame.  Regular scissors worked just fine here.

Glue your canvas in place.  There were staples already in the frame, so I used a couple of them as hooks to hang it.

Here you are.  A simple earring holder.  Notice the paint weirdness?

Hang up your creation.  You might want to hang it using two nails so that it stays put when you're taking off or putting back your earrings.

It is a good size for me.  There's room to grow {ahem, hint, hint, Handsome Hero}! 

As for those earrings with posts and backs, you could use this same method for those, but it isn't very practical if you hang your frame like I did.  It could work if you lean the frame against the wall or mirror so that you could easily access both sides, or maybe you could take the lazy way like I did.  I found a dish I really liked at Homegood's for three dollars and put them in there with a couple of rings, a pendant, and a pair of my granddad's cuff links.

The whole project only took ten minutes outside of drying time, but it has made a big difference to me.  The earrings are very easy to take out and put back - it's not wobbly at all.  I still need to find a way to hang up either pins or bracelets so I can get rid of one of the trays cluttering the dresser top.  Speaking of, I would like to redo this dresser some day, but really, in the list of priorities, redoing a dresser that is inside my closet is pretty low.  Like on the bottom of the list, below adding curtains to my laundry room window, where I will be the only one who sees them.

In terms of cost breakdown:
Frame - $1
Paint - already had, but $3 new
Canvas - already had, but $.50 new
Dish - $3

Total= $4 for me, or $7.50 to go from scratch

Not bad!


  1. If the frame had any kind of oil-based stain or polyurethane on it and you painted over it with water-based/acrylic paint, it will sort of bubble up and crack--it can't adhere so well. But it looks really good! I like the color. (See, I do read your blog.) <3 SB

  2. Hey now, I know someone who worked really hard to paint that dresser for you! FOR FREE!