Friday, July 6, 2012

Big brother, Little brother

When Jack was born, Ella didn't respond too well. 

She was wonderful with Jack,

but completely rejected me.  It was an awful blow to my very hormonal post-partum self.  Of course, things righted themselves and life went on more smoothly as we reached an equilibrium.

With Nate coming, we wondered how the family dynamic would look.  Jack is about the same age Ella was when he was born, and we were very curious about both of their reactions.

It hasn't actually been as hard as I would have thought.  Both of them love Nate, and they have each other to lean on.

Ella loves being a little mommy and has done really well.  She also has taken the role of mommy's helper very seriously.

Jack thinks having a little brother is funny.

He has enjoyed imitating and playing with him.

He hasn't been sure of me, but has cuddled up a few times, just making sure we're copacetic.
Oh, how I love my boys!

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  1. Love the photos & the video! Thanks for keeping your readers updated ;-)