Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Bunny

There is a field close to our house where deer love to gather.  Every time we pass it in the evening, the kids count the deer.  Well, Ella counts.  Jack says, "One, two, eleven, SEVEN, EIGHT, NIIINE!"  Last time we passed, there were twelve deer.  In real numbers, not Jack numbers.  Twelve deer, and a wild turkey.

I still get excited each time I see a non-domestic animal.  As my farmer friend, Shaun, would say, I'm a city slicker.  The deer are no fun when you have to contend with them for your crops, but since I don't, I like them.

Recently, a bunny came to roost under our front stoop.  The kids were delighted.  They would run to the windows each morning to watch him eat from our lawn.

Can you see him through the window?  Ignore the smudginess. 

He's since moved on, or at least wised up to the Lewis children and changed his routine.  I'm kind of sad.  It's easy to feel happy when you're watching a bunny. 

You can quote me on that.  That there was insight.

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