Friday, June 22, 2012

The Kids' Room

It has been a process getting the kids' room ready.  Take a memory walk with me, will you?  Oh, and prepare yourself for a lot of photos here.

First up, the curtains.  I do love them.

Second, a bunk bed.  This made arranging a challenge, because we had to lose a window in order to fit it.  I am totally in love with the three huge drawers, though. 

It was a bit crazy in here for awhile while we tried different furniture solutions.

This was our first attempt at an arrangement, but it seemed so crowded on the bed side of the room that there needed to be a change.

And this side seemed totally empty.

The "domestic nook," while cute in theory, was too cramped for two kids.

I had originally wanted to banish the table above to the basement and instead include this spool a friend found for me.  I was planning on painting it an awesome color and using it as a table between the two toadstools.

That plan changed when we found this dollhouse at a garage sale.  It is solid wood and was only $5 including all the furniture.  I couldn't believe it.  On top of that, the guy selling it was so enamored with Ella's adorableness {I mean, who wouldn't be?} that he refused money for it, so it came to us for FREE.

It needs some decorative work {Exhibit A: the lovely Mickey Mouse paper} but the roof actually matches really well.  I'm really looking forward to working on it with Ella at some point.  Maybe it needs a garage....  Anyway, it fits perfectly on the rectangular table, so the table is staying and the spool is, at least temporarily, nixed.

So, here's the "panoramic" view of where we are today.  We'll start to the right of the door.

Handsome Hero has been working on finishing built-in bookcases for either side of the closet doors.  So far, we have one in, but not trimmed.  When you have a wife as pregnant as me, you are likely to be pulled into kid duty a little more than is helpful when you are trying to weild a router. 

Having the one bookcase is wonderful {it allowed us to move out the free-standing one}, but it's really crowded. There are only so many things you can put at a height that is easily reached by the kids.  I'm looking forward to the other bookcase being done, but I guarantee you no one is more anxious to reach completion than Handsome Hero!

Moving on, here is the yellow chair made for small buns that has a gray cushion made for large buns.

You may also notice that we painted the mirror navy. We had taken it out of the room for awhile {she kept bumping it at the height it was previously} but decided to try it again {higher and behind the chair} and so far, so good.  No bad luck here!

I would kind of like to add some type of artwork {maybe clipboards to display favorite coloring pages?} above Ella's bed, but I think prudence will win out.  Why put temptation so close?

When we moved the play kitchen over here, it allowed us to also move the ladder so that little heads going up couldn't be whacked by the ceiling fan.  It's better to use the ol' noodle than lose the ol' noodle, I always say.  Well, I've never said it before, but I'm going to start.

We hung their names in coordinating colors between the windows and added tie-backs to the curtains.

We also removed the border and redid the hoops.  Before it gets cold I'm planning to add some hooks on the wall to the right of the dresser for their backpacks and jackets and such.

So there you have it.  A room mostly done. 

I'll keep you updated on bookcases and hooks as they appear. 

Not that they just appear.  They take lots of hard work.

Just thought you'd want to know.

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