Monday, June 11, 2012


For the last three weeks, we have had three Elizabeth's living in this house {you know Ella's full name is Elizabeth, right?}. 

Elizabeth is a former voice student from Washington.  We went to the same church, and her mother has given me countless words of wisdom as I raise these kiddos.  Practical stuff that I have passed on to lots of moms and shared on this blog.  Ladies, when you find a Godly woman who is willing to impart to you the things she has learned, listen.  It's invaluable.

Elizabeth's family sets an example we want to emmulate in our family.  When I first had Jack, Julie {Elizabeth's mom} told me to have Handsome Hero leave the front door open on Wednesdays when he left for work.  She would let herself in before I woke up on that day to get Ella up and ready, or rock Jack, so that I could sleep just a bit longer.  When she learned I was pregnant this time, she immediately offered to send Elizabeth, now eighteen, our way.  Not only did she come to us, but she came by way of staying with another family in the same situation.  Seriously, these are people who think of others as more important than themselves.

Elizabeth gave us three weeks of her time, playing with the kids and helping me in general in any way she could.  Jack was sold from the get-go.  You would hear at all hours:  Ellibbebbett!!!!!!  Watch this!!!!

Ella was a tougher nut to crack.  It was surprising, really.  We had to work with her a bit to show the respect and obedience she needed to have for this long visit to work.  When she did begin to soften up, she got to see the reward for her improved attitude.

Lots of tickles and hugs and silliness came their way during this visit.  It was often the kinds of play I have trouble doing right now {being due in two weeks} that she was able to do.  It filled up the tanks of those little vessels, Ella and Jack.

Now, lest you think this was just playtime, it wasn't all fun and games.  I put this girl to work!  She sanded,

She spray painted,

She did all sorts of things she'd never done before.  She had no idea what she was in for.  We don't mess around in these here parts!

Note:  In the next several decorating posts, whenever you see blue fingernails, you will know that Elizabeth was my model.  I'm not brave enough for blue fingernails.

She really dug in with her whole heart and was excited to try new things.  That attitude made it easy for me to feel justified with my hugely nesting self and get all sorts of projects done that I couldn't have done alone.  It also eased Handsome Hero's mind to have someone here when he had to travel, as he did two out of those three weeks.

We were so sad to see this girl-turned-lovely-lady go, but I was left with a sense of peace over the state of my domain and the readiness with which we will greet a new member of this family. 

I also got to introduce her to the Matrix trilogy and the X Men movies and found a kindred spirit.  You won't find any chick flicks in this house, but the Bournes?  The Matrix movies?  Pee Wee's Big Adventure?  Yeah, we go for that stuff.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for easing the transition and giving so fully of yourself.  You {and your nail polish} are missed!