Thursday, June 14, 2012

Embroidery hoop redo

When we first moved in to this house, I wanted Ella's room to scream GIRLY, but without painting the walls.   A couple of the ways we tried to do that were to make a bunting type/moulding-esque border around the ceiling from ribbon and scrapbook paper, and to get some embroidery hoops and put cute, girly fabrics in them to make a bubble wall of sorts.

To tell the truth, I never loved it.  The border was great, and I loved the idea of the hoops, but they always left me a little wah-wah.  Looking back at the picture above, I think they blended in with the wall color too much.

Enter:  these guys.

When Elizabeth was here,  we took down the border.  It actually went with the room colorwise, but was too girly for a space shared with a boy.

Then Elizabeth volunteered to take over the project of transforming this wall.  She put new fabric in the hoops {on top of the old - no reason to make it harder than it needed to be} and cut out numbers in felt.  Then she glued them onto the fabric with fabric glue.

Lest you think I can't count, the #3 is in the blue hoop next to the #2. It's more obvious in person.
I love it. 

I don't just love it. 

I LURVE it. 

It's about perfect, in my mind.  The kids dig the numbers and I love, uh, lurve,  that they are all a bit different, but coordinating.  Much better.  Interesting how a relatively small change can make such an impact.

I also love that I didn't have to do it, because I REALLY stink at cutting felt and was dreading doing this project.  Elizabeth, dear unsuspecting soul, was positively excited at the prospect, and you can picture me, slightly giddy and with a full Cheshire Cat smile, saying, "Sure!  If you want to do the cutting....I mean, I don't mind or anything...."


  1. i "lurve" it as well!! so cute. and is that a doll house i spy? how fun! i can't wait to see the room in person, again.