Friday, June 15, 2012

Hula hooping, Jack style

Jack recently discovered the hula hoop.  At first he thought you were just supposed to carry it {look at that raw power!  What a man!}.

Then he tried one foot...

Then the other... his game face on!

He wasn't quite getting the action, so Handsome Hero stepped in.

Like this, Daddy?

Not quite there.

Whoa!  Still game, and with the concentration tongue!

I will conquer you, hula hoop.  I have the eye of the tiger and the tongue of Michael Jordan.

One more, um, demonstration from Handsome Hero...

Really, Dad?  It's supposed to go down by your knees?

And he was off again.  Have no fear.  He will dominate.  Just look at that tongue.  That's how you know.

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