Monday, May 7, 2012

What we got UP to this weekend

We finally did it.  We put the kiddos in a bunkbed in the same room.  They are ecstatic!

And we are tired.  The room is in chaos, and I have oh, so much to do to get it ready for them.  The good part is that Jack mostly stayed in bed.  The bad but thoroughly anticipated part?  At 11:00, we were listening to them still talking and giggling.  Oh, the crankiness that is in our house as you read this!

It's strange how many traditions we have that need to be tweaked now.  We are in a habit of cuddling with Ella a few times a week, but now that Jack's on the bunk underneath, we have to figure out what that looks like.  One parent per kid?  Hmmm.  Also, Ella is used to getting out of bed to get books {five at a time is the rule} if she wakes up early.  No more!  Not to mention that Ella used to get to stay up half an hour after Jack. 

For Ella this is an exciting change, but with restrictions.  For Jack this is just exciting - a big boy bed, sharing a room with sister, and having a basket with special books for him to help him stay in bed!  WOW!

For mom and dad, this brings a new amount of vigilance in parenting {Ella's already fallen off the top bunk and Jack fell out of the bottom one at two this morning and can't be counted on to stay in bed yet, of course},  learning how to make a bunkbed {I think it took Handsome Hero nearly an hour to make both beds last night}, and for me, giving in on my idea of their perfect little shared space.  I'll show more pictures later, as the room takes shape, but we had to make some sacrifices in order to fit the bed in, and I have to be okay with them.

Until tomorrow, friends.  I need a nap....

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