Thursday, May 10, 2012

The third day

You know how diets go, right?  On day one you're strong, confident, and excited.  On day two, you're still feeling good because of how righteous you were yesterday, and you are sure you're going to make it.  On day three, you're eating a Big Mac and a bucket of fries. 

I don't know this to be true from personal experience.  I've just heard about it.


Anyway, I have decided that more than diets hit a rough patch on day three.  Want to know what else hits a rough patch on day three?  Sharing a room hits a rough patch on day three. 

Let's be clear:  I'm thrilled with how the kids are doing at night.  They're getting used to each other, and are going to bed a few minutes earlier each night.  They even slept until eight o'clock this morning!  Best of all, Jack has not had a problem with getting out of bed, which shocks me more than I can say.  That there young man is one stubborn and independent little kid.

No, the problem is the daytime.  The transition is not yet complete, and right now Jack only sleeps overnight in the room, but naps and does roomtime in his old room.  Why?  Well, roomtime is, by design, time by themselves, and all of Ella's toys are in her room, so Jack goes back to his room.  And Ella doesn't nap anymore, but looks at books or sews during naptime and Jack wouldn't sleep very well in there with her. 

There are kinks to work out and we're feeling our way along.  In the transitional period, however, they are both a bit confused and tired and cranky and today, day three, has been the epitome of Whine, Holler, Argue, Complain and Kick up a fuss Day, or WHACK Day. 

Did you know this "holiday" was coming up?  'Cause I didn't.

Wait, it's not a holiday?  Now you tell me?

That is so WHACK.


  1. We have WHACK days more often than I'd like, too :( But take heart, it gets better. And eventually, when they have the option of not sleeping in the same room together, they might just prefer the company and choose to 'camp out' in each other's rooms anyways :)

  2. My kids all shared rooms and for the most part, enjoyed it. Eddie was a trouper to let toddler Laura bunk in with him and when Annie and Sarah were about 13 and wanted separate rooms, I acquiesced only to find them still sleeping together every night! Annie made this proclamation the other day, "All kids should have to share a room with somebody or else they will grow up selfish!" So there:)