Monday, March 19, 2012

Put a bird on it!

Not to go all Portlandia on you,

but I do love birds.  Trendy?  Yes.  Do I care?  No.  I also like elephants, probably because Jack calls them Labbatts, and I get a funny maternal lump in my throat whenever he does that.

Anywho, a few months ago, I bought this bird from Hobby Lobby.

What?  You can't see it?  Oh, neither can I.  Let's come closer.

Okay, a little closer still.  Ah, there he is.  Isn't he cute?  I don't often {read: almost never} buy knick knack paddy whacks, but I liked this bird. He looks so curious.

Well, he looks curious when you can see him, which is almost never, because he just doesn't stand out anywhere!  What a wallbird.  After months of moving him from hiding place to hiding place, I finally decided he needed to have a makeover.

A couple of light coats of spray primer,

and many light coats of yellow spray paint,

And I have a CANARY!!

By the end of this week you won't believe this, but I really don't spray paint everything.  However, in this case it seemed the best way to get even coverage without losing the details of the bird.

Right now he's sitting on my kitchen windowsill, and I love him.  He's a cheerful little addition to the kitchen. 

Not bad for four dollars.

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