Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another post about a faucet. Or two, to be exact.

Have I ever shown you our hall bathroom? It started out a buttery yellow.  I don't think a bathroom should ever be yellow.  I love the color, but not when it's messing with my skintone as I'm trying to get ready.

I painted it with the leftover paint from Jack's room.

SO much better!  I really like the color, but the room needs so much work.

It's very plain Jane {sorry if your name is Jane - I'm sure you're not as plain as my bathroom}.

I didn't want too much color, though - I had a crazy bathroom in our last house that I loved.  As you can see, it had green and white stripes and a bright red curtain.  It looked like a watermelon.  It was a very fun kid's bathroom.

Ella after a bath, just a couple of months old.  I was right - she was adorable even then!

However, with two kids and a third on the way, I have come to treasure tranquility and peace in an area that is usually loud {like at bathtime}.  I got some cute polka dot knobs, and will add color with accessories as we go.

Those upgrades were all done a little while ago, and this weekend, Handsome Hero installed new faucets.  Aren't they pretty?

He was going to take lots of pictures of the process and write a tutorial post for me, but then only took one picture.  Hmm.  I guess he's just not the pro I am {imagine snorty laughter here}.

I really love the metal finish.

I would not normally go for a faucet this chunky, but with such a long counter, I think they have more presence.  When I look at them, I feel like saying, "My faucet can beat up your faucet."  And they can.  Just look at those muscular handles!

One more thing checked off the list.

Still to do on the list:
Frame the mirror or exchange it for two smaller mirrors
Replace the gold light fixture
Replace hooks and towel bars {they're the same chrome and gold}
Make a curtain or shade
Add some accessories/art work

I'm hoping to finish this before the baby comes, but I'm not holding my breath!

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  1. Those knobs are very fun! Great color choice! All looks lovely, Beth! Well done BillDaddy!