Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I thought she was more like me....

I am a pretty enthusiastic gift-receiver.  I love gifts!  If anyone wants to give a few to me, I promise a reaction you'll be proud of.  Handsome Hero?  Well.............not so much.  I used to be hurt by his less-than-exhuberant responses to my efforts to find him the perfect gift, but I slowly realized that it is just his way.  He can be really happy with a gift, and only say, "Thanks, Honey."  Not with an exclamation point.  With a period.  A small one.


When we had Ella, I thought I had a kindred spirit.  She's crazy, like me, and excitable, like me.  However, when she is given a gift, there's not much to write home about.

This is her reaction to getting a bike for her birthday.  She, like her dad, needs to process things.

After a couple of minutes, we got some smiles out of her.  Gift accepted.

Who wouldn't smile when receiving a princess bike?

Sidenote: when I was taking pictures, I realized I had an awesome shadow.

Anyway, it didn't take Ella long to take to her new ride. 

And then she took off.  Is this symbolic?

I choose to think it isn't.

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