Saturday, March 24, 2012

It can't be! I have a FIVE YEAR OLD!!!

I can't believe this little bundle is now my big girl. 

Is this possible that she is now FIVE

Generous sister, loving daughter, willing helper.  I love you so much.  We have to band together, little one - we're the only girls here.  Let's paint our toenails tonight.  Or watch a chick flick.  Scratch that - you're too young and chick flicks are stupid, anyway.  But definitely let's do the toenails.


  1. 5!!! She is so beautiful, Beth - just like her Mama!

  2. What a sweetie & a blessing to her family. Happy Birthday Miss E!! You are a fabulous combo of your Mama & your Papa - love you! ~ Family V

  3. Your mom just gave me your blog...such a cute space! I remember hearing when you were expecting Bella...can't believe that was five years ago and I'm just now getting a glimpse of her. Anyways....your family is lovely.
    Alyssa Corley (Roberts) *old* member from SMBC