Thursday, March 15, 2012

Old MacDonald

Ella calls McDonald's Old MacDonald and thinks it is an ice cream shop.  Why?  Fifty-nine cent cones, my friends.  That's why.

When the weather's less than stellar and we can't play outside, McDonald's playland is a great way for the kiddos to burn off that excess energy.

Especially when you meet up with another mom and do it together.  We did this last week with our friends, the Hansen's.

I don't need to get my own cone.  I just help Jack with his.  Clearly this overjoys him.  Oh, look at that drippy cone - time for me to take a lick.

This little kiddo just loves having his picture taken.  He kept asking, "Can I see?  Can I see?" after each picture.  I do that, too.

This little guy didn't care one way or another.  He was just a happy baby.

Ella never has problems making new friends, even if they are oversized, creepy, and plastic.

It started getting really busy in here with the dinner crowd, and Ella felt they needed entertainment, so she stood on the ledge behind this bench {her stage} and started to sing This is the Day that the Lord has Made at the top of her lungs.  Not once, not twice, but at least four times.  I didn't stop her because no one seemed annoyed, but rather thought she was funny {I sure did} and at the time there was not a family trying to eat together, just single parents and kids playing.

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