Thursday, March 12, 2015

Masters of Disguise

The hallway next to the entry was yet another wallpapered mess when we moved in.  In these pictures I'm standing in the entry and at the end of the hall is our master bedroom.  The door on the left leads to the stairs to the basement.  The door to the right is the master/hall bathroom.  Someday I hope to make two bathrooms out of that space.

We took down the wallpaper {notice how we're using a sheet as a curtain in our room?  That lasted way longer than it should have},

Primed the walls, 

And finally, painted the trim and walls, in addition to making these pendant lights.

My favorite thing about this hallway, hands down, are the portraits of the kids.

I love having pictures of my kids on display, but making them both cohesive and funny is my favorite.

I love how adorable their little faces are!

But my favorite part? 

I didn't have to make this happen.  We already had these pictures.  

Because that is how we roll.

We are masters of disguise.


  1. OMG - love the whimsy of those pictures. And I LOVE your fixtures. How did you make them? Please post on that, while you are on a roll.
    Carol Blanchet (from WA - do you remember me? It's ok if you don't)

    1. Of course I remember you! My most vivid memory was of you telling me about Bible verses that you wrote out in anticipation of labor. I was expecting my first at the time, and took that to heart and wrote my own! Don't ask if I allowed Bill to read them, or even speak to me, when in labor. :) I posted about the pendant lights in this post:

      They're made from embroidery hoops!

    2. Oh, you are so sweet...and now look you have 3 beautiful babes! :-)
      I'm glad you are posting again. I know it's not an easy season of life to do it in, but I'm glad.