Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pendants in the hallways

I've been on Pinterest for a few months now.  Pinterest and I have a love/dislike relationship {one can't really hate Pinterest, after all}.  I dislike it when I think I've come up with something that no one else has done, but there it is on Pinterest.  In fifteen different versions. Better versions.  Either ignorance was bliss or pride comes before a fall.  Take your pick.

I love Pinterest for idea gathering, same as everyone, but my favorite use of Pinterest is to illustrate a project idea for Handsome Hero.  I can find it there and just show him a picture instead of drawing him a sketch.  Because if you have seen my drawing skills you know they get me nowhere.  I draw some impressive four-legged animals, though.  They all look alike so I have to label them, but they're impressive.

I saw these decorative spheres made out of embroidery hoops awhile ago and kept the idea tucked away.  Then recently, when I was trying to come up with a solution to the terrible 80's lighting in our hallways, I came back to them.  What if those spheres were pendant lights?

The two lights in the back hallway
That would be unexpected and fabulous!  Better than my four-legged animals.  Barely.

So I talked to Handsome Hero.  I said, "What if I used embroidery hoops and made a light out of them?" 

He said, "I don't get it." 

I tried to explain what I meant, but first I had to explain what embroidery hoops were, and then, oh, forget it.

My crazy hand gestures are not apparently very clear.

The light in the front hallway

I went on Pinterest and found this tutorial on how to do exactly what I thought I had come up with all by myself. 

But it was better.  They had figured out how to hang the light on the pendant wire and had written some pretty good instructions. 

They were easy to make. 

The only downside is that the previous lights were larger against the ceiling and the ceiling had been painted around them, so there's a definite line.  The solution is to either repaint the ceiling or put up small ceiling medallions. 

We have the repaint the ceiling at some point anyway.  It was done really poorly, but since this hall, the entry, the dining room, the living room, and the kitchen all share one ceiling, it would all have to be done at once which sounds like a horrible job to me.

So maybe we'll put up some medallions at some point, or maybe we'll just paint the ceiling and get it over with, but for now we will just love our pendant lights and ignore the ceiling.  Sound like a plan?

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