Monday, March 9, 2015

Jack Lewis's Deep Thoughts

For your reading enjoyment:  words from the mind of my five year old.

Everyone in the world has cars, unless they're dead, because then they don't need them.

A house fire wouldn't be so bad if it were made of granola, 'cause then you could just eat it.

Me:  Would you like a half or a whole sandwich?
Jack:  I'd like a half.
Me:  Ok.
Jack:  And then another half.

I had a booger on my hand, and I didn't want to get up, so I tried to put in back in my nose.  It didn't work.

Jack:  Mom. am I your sunshine?
Me:  Yes, you are my sunshine.
Jack:  What does it mean to be your sunshine?
Me:  It means to make me happy, even in hard times.
Jack:  Okay.  I'll be your sunshine.

Oh, if he only knew.

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