Saturday, February 8, 2014

The reluctant decorator

Yesterday, I did something I've never done before.  Never in the history of ever.

I decorated for Valentine's Day.

As I've mentioned about thirty-five times, the only holiday I like to go crazy over is Christmas, but I'm slowly getting on the bandwagon.  It started with seasonal decorations, and now we're moving dangerously toward holiday decorating.  When you have kids, there is a natural evolution that takes place around your home.  You find yourself wanting them to find joy in every holiday like you did as a kid, so you start coming up with projects they can do that make the holiday more special.

But I still have my pride.  I spent about ten dollars total and that is about the top dollar I'm willing to spend on a holiday.  Also, most of the decorations can be used again for Spring decorating, which I might do this year. 

It's becoming a sickness.

I painted dots a la our fall tree decorations in a heart for the mantle and added some love-themed books we had around the house.  Then I made some felt flowers. and put them on the mantle and the bookcase.

If I start redoing my mantle every three weeks, feel free to shoot me.  I will have reached the point of no return.

For the bookcase, I had the kids paint an X and an O on canvasses and hang them with 3M command strips to my bookcase. 

You might have to use your imagination with the O.

The Dining room got some pom pom trim {the same as on the mantle and bay window above} and a wreath of rose petals left over from when Ella decided she wanted to be a flower for Halloween.  This project was definitely a great way to use up all those leftover bits from other projects that I felt would be wasteful to throw away.

Ella cut out a bunch of hearts which we taped all around the dining room.

My favorite, by miles, though, is Lester.

Oh, yes.  He is handsome.

Not bad for a reluctant decorator and ten dollars.  I like it!  I might have even had thoughts of how I can decorate for St. Patrick's Day in a couple of weeks.

Stop me.

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