Monday, February 17, 2014

The difference between a boy and girl

On Valentine's Day, the kids and I went and got donuts to have as dessert Friday night.  Frankly, this year's Valentine's Day was a let down.  After all our decorating, I really meant to go all out with paper valentines that we would make and put in mail slots that I was going to put on each kid's door, and I even found a recipe to make those cute little candies that taste like chalk and say stuff, so we could put our own sayings on them.  Because my kids would think that Foxy Lady is a girl with a bushy tail who steals chickens.

We were going to do these things, and then everyone got sick.  Not at the same time and not with the same intensity, but there has been at least one person not feeling well all week.  So none of my great ideas came to fruition, which is okay because the kids didn't know about any of it, so donuts sounded like a good time to them.

On the way home, the conversation, which perfectly illustrated our oldest children's personalities, went something like this:

Ella:  Mom, we should hide the donuts so that Daddy doesn't see them so that they'll be a big surprise, and, I KNOW, we can put them on a pretty plate and I can put on an apron and serve them to everybody.  Don't you think that's a good idea?  I think that's a great idea.  Or you know what?????  I could put on my chef's costume and then I could serve them while I wear THAT!  Isn't THAT a good idea??  I think it is.  But you will need to distract Daddy while I go down and change clothes into my chef's costume so that he doesn't notice because it's a big surprise.  Won't he be surprised?  He won't even know it's me!!  Or you know what???  I could wear my chef's costume UNDER MY CLOTHES!!!!  He would never suspect that!  Could I wear my chef's costume under my clothes during dinner?  That would be the best idea.  And then I could sneak out of the room and take off my outer clothes and there I would be as a chef!  That way Daddy will know that I'm his little girl and not a chef that just came into the house.  I wouldn't want him to think I disappeared, you know?  Now, I think that a chef would carry a tray, not a plate, and maybe I could make a box into a lid like they have on Ratatouille.  Could I use some scissors and tape?  I have a shoe box I could use, you know, the one that had my gray boots in it, not the pink ones but the gray ones, and then I could make those lids and then when I come to his place at the table I could just whip off the lid like a chef and say, "Here is your donut, sir," and he will be SO SURPRISED, won't he?  Don't you think this is a good idea?  But it's a big surprise.  We won't tell him and he'll never know and he'll be so surprised and happy that we did this for him!  This is the best Valentine's Day EVER!

Jack:  Hey, Ella?

Ella:  Yes, Jack?

Jack:  How about we just eat donuts?

The End

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