Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How to Paint a Cast

How to paint a cast
Broken leg
Paint brush
1.  Fall down the garage steps and twist your ankle, all without spilling one drop of your coffee.  Have your five-year-old go door to door to find a neighbor while you alternate crying and sipping your coffee.  No sense wasting good coffee.
2.  Go to the doctor and find out you broke your leg.  Choose a good base color for your cast.  I chose red.

3.  Look at your cast forlornly, wondering what you did to deserve this.  Also wonder at the length and oddly non- parallel directions your toes seem to be going.

4.  Decide that if you are going to have a cast, you might as well make it your medically necessary ankle accessory.  After all, you like to redesign and refinish EVERYTHING.  You won't let a little thing like a cast get in the way of your creativity!

5.  Enlist a friend to paint flowers on your cast because you can't reach it all.

6.  Gaze at it meditatively.

7. Realize that, even though it's cute, you'd rather not have this accessory.

8.  Sigh, then drink some more coffee.


  1. So pretty! Please paint mine and my toes, I am willing to pay!!!! Being broke sucks! Amy

  2. Very nice cast.Has your ankle tottaly healed?Best wishes and take care.