Friday, August 10, 2012

Dinner Conversations

This was the conversation last night at dinner:

Ella:  I don't like this salad.
Me {surprised}:  What?  You love everything in it!
Ella:  No, I don't.
Me:  Look at the mandarin oranges.  You love those.
Ella:  That's true.

 Me:  There are almonds, and you love almonds.
Ella:  I do love almonds.

Me:  And what about the cucumbers?  You love cucumbers.  And sugar snap peas!
Ella:  I do love those, even though they're sliced funny.

 Me:  And what about the dressing?  Isn't it great?
Ella:  I LOVE the dressing!  It's my favorite!

Me:  So, would anyone like seconds of anything?
Ella:  Yes.  I'd like some more salad.

Score one for the parental unit.

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