Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Question - Why can't you just clean it up?

Before I had kids, I tended to think that parents have lots of control over their kid's behavior.  If they misbehaved, it must be the parent's fault.  Yikes!  While it's true that you train and discipline and teach, here is a newsflash for all you pre-parents out there:  they will still do things that shock you! 

I also thought that if I trained them well enough, they would always put away their toys without a fuss.  Um...Ahem...Well, yes...You see...{embarrassed cough}...That's not exactly true....

Recently, I'm sad to say, I have felt like an unpaid maid.  The house will be totally picked up, and in twenty minutes it looks like a hurricane came through!  We do not have myriads of toys, and we expect the Wonderkids to clean their rooms and put away their toys before the next thing comes out, but best laid plans do not always come about the way they are intended.  

Is it because I'm distracted by housework, dinner, or {gasp} the blog?  Is it because I tire more easily with the pregnancy and so I'm noticing the amount I do?  Is it because Jack is now interested in EVERYTHING and wants to play with EVERYTHING?  Is it because there are now two kiddos equally interested in EVERYTHING?  Is it because...well, you get the idea. 

It's probably all of those things and more.  So here's the lowdown:  I love these kiddos.  I am just tired of having to police the house all day.   I need a badge.  I need a walkie-talkie! 

I need a massage.

I will now grace you with a poem to express my true feelings on this matter.  Be prepared to be amazed.

The Mess

When you see something there on the floor,
What do you step over it for?
Did it ever occur to you two
that you could have so much more room
if you picked up the things on the floor
to make way for the new game in store?

When something is blocking the stair,
Why do you just leave it there?
Maybe the thing there was meant
to be a very strong hint
to take it to its proper home
before I finish this tome....

You were born with only two feet,
And you seem to be replete
with lots of cute shoes to wear
that get left just every-which where.
How can so few little feet
accomplish this frustrating feat?

I love your excitement and vim,
but wish that with every whim
did not come a whirlwind of stuff!
{Heaven knows, we have more than enough!}
Perhaps we should try to refrain
from having a messy domain.

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  1. You are so creative and truthful! Miss you! Sonja