Friday, December 16, 2011

How Handsome Hero and I met - the question

Don't you just love the titles?  So full of intrigue.

You can catch up on the story from this post and this one.  If you will remember, we did three Christmas concerts each year at this school.  I met Handsome Hero at the second one, for early elementary grades.  The third concert, for preschool and kindergarten, was on December 17, and I was the accompanist.   I knew Bill was probably coming, because the Parkers, who had introduced us, had a son in the concert.

Seated behind the piano before the show, I had a great view of the audience without being noticed myself.  I was able to watch Bill bring in extra chairs {he's so helpful} and open doors for people {oooh, what a gentleman}.  When he went for another armload of chairs, I suddenly realized that my throat was just parched and I needed to get a drink from the water fountain which just happened to be along the hallway through which he would be returning.  I stood at that blasted water fountain for at least five minutes until he finally came down the hall.  Then I casually looked up and said, "Oh, hi, Bill."  I may have twirled my hair.  I'm a master of subtelty.

After the concert, I was afraid to move from behind the piano.  If I left, he might not be able to find me, and he HAD to find me!  So I stood at that piano for ten minutes, straightening and fluffing the piano cover within an inch of its life until he finally made it over.  We talked for quite awhile.  I have no idea what we talked about, but I'm sure I was witty and endearing, because he asked me out for two days later {oh, yeah, baby}.

Here's what I didn't know. 

1.  Handsome Hero totally knew I was waiting for him at the water fountain.  I apparently couldn't have broadcast myself any more if I had been wearing flashing lights and a siren.  Fortunately, it gave him the confidence he needed after I had, um, forgotten his name earlier.

2.  While I thought I was being cagey and unobserved, there were two little birdies watching me while I watched Handsome Hero from the piano.  Karen, the lady who introduced us, and her mom were sitting in the perfect spot to see it all.  Handsome Hero stopped by their seats on one of his trips and asked if I was checking him out.  The cheekiness of him!  Of course they said I was, which was totally true, but still, the cheekiness!

3.  Handsome Hero already knew he wanted to marry me.  He knew the day we met.  He'd lost some hope after I didn't remember his name, but quickly got it back that night.  Cool, right?

4.  Our first date was set for December 19, 2001.  Eight years later on that same date, this happened.

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  1. Soooo sweet, Beth. Love remembering you guys 'story. I don't think I realized Jack was born on the date of your first date. So thankful that Handsome Hero found you behind the piano that night :)