Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Pictures

Someday I'm going to wise up to the fact that if I want cute Christmas pictures, I'm going to have to get them done by a pro.

Here's my adorable little three-year-old, posing so sweetly in front of the tree.

And again.  What a doll!

She did a wonderful job last year.

Here are my attempts to get Jack, who had just learned how to crawl, to take a still shot.

Yikes!  Let's back away a bit.

A little too much.  Very cute,

but when I tried to zoom back in, he got away!

So I pulled him back by his feet...

And he took off again!  He's like those toy cars you rev backwards and then they take off.

Enough of this nonsense!  Let's put Ella in the picture.  She'll keep him still!


And I thought, "Oh, well.  It'll be better next year.  They'll be older and I'll get better pictures."

Fast forward a year.  We put up the tree Saturday night, too late to decorate, but with the kiddos wearing their Christmas best on Sunday, I had to take some pictures before church.  Ella was not in the mood.  She would only pose lying down.  I should tell you this shot was taken on pain of disciplinary action when she initially refused to smile.  I insist that you pretend to be happy and joyful!  Oh, don't tell me you haven't been there.

Jack, well, let's just say that a year hasn't helped his photogenic qualities.  He now realizes I have the camera he desperately wants.

Oh, look!  A sibling shot.  This will definitely go on the Christmas card that we always mean to but never actually do send out.  These pictures are especially heartwarming with no decorations on the tree and the vacuum in the back of each shot. 

Yeah.  I hope that with a couple more weeks, I'll be able to snag at least one good picture.  I'm keeping the camera at the ready right by the tree just in case.  Anyone want to share their tricks with a mom who seems to wear a perpetual dunce cap when it comes to anything photographic?

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  1. We took the kids to an outdoor place that was decorated and let them "hang out" together. We then plopped huge, very festive gingerbread men in their hands and got more shots as they ate. Are they perfect? Nope. But they're cute & capture their little personalities. (See my "Christmas Photo Shoot Pics" on my FB account.) If you give up on the "perfect" shot and just snap away at them being themselves (at a good time when they're well fed, rested, etc), you'll come away with some sweet memories. Albeit a little off-center. =)