Friday, May 16, 2014

Birthday musings

Saturday is my birthday.  Saturday is a wonderful day on which to have a birthday.  I used to hate it when my birthday fell on a Saturday.  Who wants their birthday on a weekend when they can get recognition at school on a weekday??

Now, though, I stay at home, so I love a weekend birthday when Handsome Hero can be home with me.  See how I'm getting wiser?  Growing up and everything.

I'll be thirty-six this year.  Thirty-six.  I want to be really excited about getting closer to forty.  I mean, it's a landmark in life, right?  It's when people do that "Lordy, Lordy" rhyme!  It's the age of knowing what you're made of! 

Wait, I think I got that from a Viagra commercial. 

Let's move on.

I am looking forward to the wisdom that really does come with getting older, but I have my concerns about this age thing.  I am already having a harder time losing the baby weight, have tons of gray hair, and varicose veins have drawn road maps behind my knees.  I'm thinking of tattooing a you are here sign on my left calf.

Isn't it all downhill from here?

Actually, I don't think so.  Getting older has advantages.  Big ones.  As I get older, I become more comfortable in who I am.  I don't feel like I need to make excuses for being the person God made me.  There are things to grow into and out of as time passes; that's maturity. But the personality with which I have been blessed is my gift from God and I rejoice in it.

There are other things I've come to realize.  I will never be an athlete, but I can exercise consistently.  I will always be so pale that make-up often doesn't come in a light enough shade.  I could not care less.  I talk to myself when no one is around, and sometimes when I just think no one is around.  Why do you think I started a blog?  I am convinced that I will meet that guy from HGTV's Bath Crashers in Home Depot one day and all of my bathroom renovation dreams will come true, so I practice for my interview when I get ready in the morning.  In case you're wondering, I'm clever and pithy, but not too over-the-top.  Just right for TV.

I am also more comfortable in my marriage as time goes on.  Not to be confused with becoming complacent, being comfortable is a lovely place to be, restful and peaceful.  Handsome Hero is still a big stud who makes my heart go pitter patter.  We're going on a date tonight and I've been thinking of my outfit all day.  I still want to make him happy, but as we grow together in the Lord, we begin to make each other happy by default.  It becomes more and more natural.

So while I'm not thrilled about the outward signs of getting older, I'm more excited about the inward signs of growing up.  I look forward to what I will learn this year that I didn't know last year.

It's a journey I'm on, and I have a built in road map, if I could just twist around to see it.

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