Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother Earth

Today, Ella and I planted our garden.  It is our first time planting from seed, and our first for-reals garden bed.  Last year we only did a little bit in a corner of the flower garden.  We learned somewhat and decided to build raised beds this year.

Handsome Hero did an amazing job putting these together.  Aren't they gorgeous?

Of course, the area needs a lot of work, but the beds themselves are so pretty.  This picture was taken from the deck, so you can see they are very close to the house {it was the best place for ease of use and full sun}.  Because of that we decided they should be as pretty as possible, and Handsome Hero came up with this design.

I think there is still a cap piece coming to finish the whole thing off, but either way I am really excited about them!  I'm not excited that we're so late planting, but we didn't spend much on seeds, so if it's a total bust we'll be ahead of the game next year because of all the prep work this time around.  We had to move the mulch, move the landscape fabric, build the beds, level the ground, replace the fabric, put the beds together, fill them with dirt, and all the other stuff that goes into preparing the space.  By we, let's just say that I have a very willing and loving husband and that I kept the kids out of his way.

Ella and I did the planting together, which was fun and frustrating all rolled into one.  A few more seeds than intended may have been dropped in maybe most of the holes, but she was really excited about it!

As we worked, she had an epiphany.  "Mom, you know, these seeds are like children.  They need to be loved and comforted by the earth.  The earth is like the mother of the seeds.  It hugs them close as they grow.  It's like, it's like, Mother Earth.  That's it.  That's what I'm going to call it."

So now you know.  We have planted seed children in mother earth.  Let us hope they grow with the aid of father time.  And water, whatever relation she may be.

p.s.  To those who knew that Nate was having tubes put in his ears yesterday and were praying, thank you so much. He took it like a champ and is acting today like nothing happened.  We hope to see an improvement in his speech and gross motor skills soon.

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