Monday, February 11, 2013

Working on that Crown

Just a quick post to tell you how we've been doing in bullets, because that's all the time I have:

Ella and Jack:
  • Ella and Jack got sick on Wednesday last week, Ella with a stomach bug and Jack with a cold.  They both got better in time to give each other their sicknesses this morning. 
  • Jack is not as good at making it to the bathroom as Ella.
  • At all.
  • It's gross.
  • Jack has developed a habit of coming to us to go to the bathroom all. night. long.  He comes up many times each night, and we are very tired and run down and unsure what actions to take to stop the visits.
  • Even when Jack stays in bed, I have started dreaming that he is coming.  I always think I can hear those little footsteps.... 
Ella convinced Jack he was a dancer.  Just looking at those gloriously plump limbs makes me sigh with contentment.  Nater Gater will one day look like this.

Handsome Hero and me:
  • In addition to being run down, I am also sick with a cold that I hope will not turn into a stomach bug.  Handsome Hero is well, as always.  What would I do if he were sick, too!?
  • Nate is doing well with the pump.  He isn't gaining any weight, but he isn't losing, either.
  • The cap on the end of Nate's feeding tube needs to be replaced.  It pops out unless it's taped and yucky yellow stuff comes out of it, but the nurse says it isn't dangerous.
  • The radiology people said they couldn't just replace the cap {which screws onto the tube} - they have to replace the entire tube, which means a lot of pain for my baby.  They won't say why.  They just say they can't do it.
  • The radiology people are about to meet mama bear Lewis.
  •  I am frustrated with the radiology people.

  • I met with the G.I. dietitian this morning.  She says that Nate needs speech therapy {at Nate's age speech therapy deals with eating}.  She says speech therapy is imperative for his learning to eat. 
  • To get speech therapy I need to get a referral from the head G.I. doctor or his nurse practitioner.  The first appointment they have is for over two weeks from now.
  • Um, over two weeks from now??  I thought this was imperative!
  • At the time of my appointment with the G.I. nurse practitioner in two weeks, Nate will have had his tube for nearly four weeks.  Initially, they told us he would have the tube between four to six weeks total, but if we can't even get this appointment that will enable us to make an appointment with the speech therapist until then, well, I see the elongated writing on the wall.
  • I am waiting to hear if my pediatritian can give us a referral.
  • I am frustrated with the G.I. people.

The long and short:
  • There is no denying we've had a rough time over the last week.
  • God is on His throne.  Nothing is happening that He didn't know would happen, and since He loves us more than we could ever love, we can rest knowing that His best is being done.
  • While there was not much positive to report this time medically, that is not indicative of our demeanor.  We're loving on each other and helping each other out and still smiling a lot, though it may be through bouts over the toilet or through nose blows.  We've been spending lots of time snuggled up on the air mattress in front of Robin Hood and Monsters, Inc.  Ah, bonding with Disney.
  • "Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, for once he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him."
  • I want that crown. 

Have a blessed week.  I'll keep updating as new information comes in.


  1. And I can see your crown now! It's very chic - the latest in styles and simply loaded with jewels.

    I remember those days, weeks, months. I'm so glad you have the Lord to sustain and encourage you Beth! I Love you and am praying for you as you remember the "eternal weight of glory" this is producing:)

    (2Cor. 4:17 For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.

  2. - I love you. And I'm praying for you and the fam. :(

    - You have THE cutest kiddos ever.

    - Love the new pic of Nate on the side, or maybe it's not new, but I like it. Xoxo. :)

  3. HOW did I miss this post?!
    anyways still praying.
    a little over two weeks and we get to SEE each other. in person. for real.
    Love you guys.