Thursday, November 29, 2012

The tooth fairy's a-comin'!

It has been a mad house around here, and I have lived without the internet for over two weeks {pat on back!} while getting the house to this as-yet-unfinished-but-coming-along-nicely state.  I have lots of stories of our adventures and pictures to share, but I wanted to show you how a certain little visitor will be welcomed to our house at some point in the next few days.  You know, it's amazing how life goes on even when you are living in a transitional state of chaos.  Ella, my tiny little girl, is going to lose her first tooth.  Actually, her first TEETH.  Both of her bottom teeth are loose and she's getting older and growing up and is really excited about it and it's not okay with me.  But, since I don't have much say in this and she would look really weird being twenty-five and with all baby teeth, I'm rolling with it.  I even made the tooth fairy a little door through which to come to retreive said tooth.  Or teeth.  Whichever.

I found this dollhouse door at Hobby Lobby.

Miniature Carolina Door

A little paint, a little glitter, and now we have this:

A glitsy entrance for the tooth fairy.

When we asked Ella what happens when you lose a tooth, she replied confidently, "I get money.  Nine would be about right."  Dollars?  Is she kidding?  I got fifty cents, if memory serves.

The wee poem on the door says a tooth in the pillow is worth two in the gums.  Thank you, Steve-Daddy, for your contribution {more on that in future posts}.

The door will be hung on Ella's wall {high enough to discourage a certain two-year-old from trying to use it} awaiting the special day, which is the only day the door works.  It's funny to see her enter into the fantasy - she's very excited about the tooth fairy's portal into our dimension.
P.S. I know many of you reading this believe that doing this sort of thing is encouraging a lie, but I do not think so.  Ella is aware that this is a game, and is having a total blast with it.  It is a fun fantasy from someone who loves to play pretend and adores fairies.
P.P.S.  It's the only fantasy we do, but we embrace that the other ones are fun.  For instance, Ella never believed in Santa - she thought he was one of the seven dwarfs {which she called Hi-Ho's} and never thought he was real.  We would have had to work really hard to convince her that he was real and we did not see the value in forcing the issue when the real focus of Christmas should be the birth of Christ.  Instead, we talk about how St. Nicholas was real, and I have no problem reading Santa stories or watching Santa movies, but our focus will always on Christ.
Similarly, the Easter bunny is not something the kids think is even logical {Yes, I have surprisingly logical children}.  They like the Easter egg hunt, but don't associate it with a rabbit.  They know that Easter is the time we celebrate the resurrection of our Saviour.
The nice thing about the Tooth Fairy, as my mom pointed out, is that there is no Christian "equivalent" with which it competes.  It is just a little fairy tale.
P.P.P.S.  My sister believed in the tooth fairy for years.  She named her Jenny and they had a real correspondence going.  She would draw pictures and write letters to Jenny even when she hadn't lot a tooth.  Jenny had handwriting that was suspiciously similar to my dad's.... 
P.P.P.P.S.  Now I'm done.
P.P.P.P.P.S.  You're welome.

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