Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012 and a walk down memory lane

 This was Nate's first Halloween.  I am glad to say it was a roarin' good time and I ain't lion.

What a cute cub.  My pride abounds.

Jack decided that he wanted to be a fire truck.  Not a fireman, a fire truck. 

A diaper box covered in fabric did the trick, complete with ladder and lights{above}, and a leaky hose {below}.  I am very proud of this, my first real Halloween costume.  You may compliment me.  I will accept graciously.

Ella decided she wanted to be a red flower. I wasn't sure if she looked like a flower, a fairy, or a Christmas elf, so when people could tell what she was I got really excited.  I should have had her carry a watering can for her candy.

Looking at how big they seem this year made us curious for a walk down memory lane.  It is, as always, horrible and beautiful and amazing to see the difference from year to year.
Last year I was newly pregnant and very tired and sick.  I stuck doggy ears on Jack and used eye liner on him to make him a puppy.
Ella was a mommy with a baby in a sling.
2010 was Jack's first Halloween.  Here he is in his first costume {recognize it?}.  Look at those eyes!  They're green now, believe it or not.

Ella was a fairy princess or something.
In 2009, I apparently forgot to take any pictures, and this one from a friend is all I have.  Bad mommy.
Here's our little bumblebee!  2008

She also wore it on her first Halloween, when she was only seven months old. - 2007


Let's look again at this year, shall we?

Can I punish them for getting bigger?
Do you think it would work?
What anazes me most is that next year we will look back on 2012 and think, "How little they are!  When did they get so big?" just like we are doing now.
Perspective and I have a love/hate relationship.

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