Monday, September 17, 2012

The Lewis family moves again!

You know what a challenge is?  Adding a newborn into a family with two other little bitties. 

You know what makes that situation crazier?  Breaking your right ankle when the baby is a 1 1/2 months old, rendering you unable to drive, much less carry the baby. 

You know what would make you certifiable?  Sitting on your bed with your leg a big blue cast up to your knee, feeding an infant while listening to the older two play in the other room, and agreeing with your husband that yes, maybe this is a good time to move again.

We have accepted a job transfer that finally, twelve years, four states {one twice}, four houses, four apartments, three jobs, three kids, and one husband later gets me back to the South.  We will call Knoxville, TN our home by Christmas!  I would have trouble believing it if it weren't for all of the home improvement noises I hear going on downstairs right now. 

When I got my first teaching job in Delaware, I was very excited, but terrified.  I had lived in the same house almost my entire life, and had never been away from family for more than a summer, and here I was going North of the Mason Dixon where {gasp} yankees lived!

Enter: Handsome Hero.  I met him in Delaware, but he was still in school.  After he graduated, we got married and moved to Wisconsin.  We thought we would be here for around five years so we bought a house, but less than a year after that we were transferred to Everett, Washington.  It wasn't exactly a move that brought us closer to family, but it turned out to be the perfect move for us. 

Fast forward another five years.  We decided to move back to Wisconsin, a difficult move, but absolutely the right one.  We thought, again, that we'd be here for at least five years, but now, again, we are moving.  Two years seems to be our limit at one time in the Great White North.

Our goal has always been to move back to the South and family at some point.  After we started having kids, it became more of a priority, and now it is finally becoming reality.  We {read: Handsome Hero and my mom} are working like mad to get the house ready by completing all those little things that have to be done before a house goes on the market. 

Over the next week, I'll show you some of the things we have done to improve the curb appeal, etc.  I think the house is looking pretty wonderful as I observe from my perch on the bed!

The kids understand some of what is going on, but it shows up in the funniest ways.  Yesterday, Ella was telling me the story of the Three Little Pigs {apparently named Pam, Sam, and Jam with parents Lydia and Ghostless}, and instead of them building their houses out of straw, wood, and brick, they went to the market and bought one for forty bucks.  When I started laughing, she said, "No, I'm serious!  It was a pig house!"


  1. Hello dear Beth...I remember well, when you left the nest....I was so proud of you....Well, I still am proud of you. I love your family and miss them. I am so happy that you will be moving closer to them...Nanette

  2. all these people (well nanette and the ones on fb) so excited to see you again. without even thinking of us poor souls left behind...who will be very sad to see you go. it was funny shaun said the other week when i told him the news "geez. it may even make me cry. what am i going to do without bill? who am i going to ask advice from?" we've been so blessed by your family here..and i'm sure that you'll bless us when we come visit in TN. :)